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Perceptions of Self(ie)

Perceptions of Self(ie)

Perceptions of Self(ie)

Who are we? What is art?


Perceptions of Self(ie) leverages art and technology to address equity, diversity and inclusion through a community building public art exhibition. The project challenges perceptions around art making accessibility in today’s digital age by utilizing the ubiquitous “selfie” in conjunction with the more traditional self-portrait art form – both of which are displayed side by side throughout the MCA galleries. The exhibition takes place in all three of our gallery spaces located throughout our 30,000sq ft facility and extends through the community with the installation of large-scale posters and banners designed to feature the broad array of faces on view in the Perceptions of Self(ie) exhibition.

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September 1 – December 3, 2018: Call for Art                

December 3, 2018: Call for Art Deadline  

January 12, 2019: Receive Art at the Mosesian Center for the Arts

January 24, 2019: Exhibition Opens

January 24, 2019: Opening Reception Celebration, 5:30-7:30pm

February - March 2019: Self Portrait Workshops

March 29, 2019: Exhibition Closes


To request additional information please contact Aneleise Ruggles, Director of Exhibitions, at

This project is generously sponsored in part by:





January 24 - March 29, 2019

Exhibiting Artits

Abigail Ames, Jean Aserkoff, Meg Bandarra, Cat Bennett, Shari Boraz, John Branagan, Nayda Cuevas, Jessica Damsky, Molly Dee, Sara Dickman, Rene Galvan, Sara Gately, Adric Giles, John Green, Ann Hablanian, Craig Hawkins, Susan Hensel, Caryl Hull Leavitt, Dongze Huo, Susan Jones, Bridget Jourgensen, Deborah Kaup, Cynthia Kennelly, Michael Lewy, Carolina Martins, Laura Meilman, Joshua Meyer, Shelby Meyerhoff, Thekla Papadopoulou, Ashley Pelletier, Margaret Scott, Carole Slattery, Shannon Slattery, Monica Srivastava, Irina Veron, Cara Lee Wade, Cathy Weaver Taylor, Susu Wing, Shayna Yacyshyn, Harry Yu

Submit a Selfie

Call for Selfies!
Get your smartphones ready for some super selfie snapping! Always wanted to participate in an art exhibition, but don't create "traditional" artwork? We invite the public to participate in the production of images as part of our Perceptions of Self(ie) exhibition!
We will have Selfie Stations set up around the center until January 2019, so stop by and snap a photo! You can also contribute selfies from trips, making art, at a concert, sitting at home, on a hike, with your friends, family, or pets, and anything in between! All ages are invited to participate. Please note, parent or guardian permission will be required for children and young adults under the age of 18.
How to submit:

  •  Log on to any of your social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) and use #mcaselfie and tag us (@MosesianArts) while posting your selfies to be part of the fun!
  • Don't use social media? You can submit them directly to our Exhibitions Coordinator at, just make sure they are hi-res and square (for printing purposes).

Use #mcaselfie and tag us to join the conversation and add to the growing collection of selfies that will be included in the Perceptions of Self(ie) Exhibition! Limit 30 photos per person.


Take a Free Workshop or Sign up for a Class

Art is more fun with friends! We’ll be offering a number of free drop-in workshops onsite at the MCA and in locations through out the community. Details coming soon!

Hang a Poster or Banner in your Shop or Place of Work

Extend the exhibit, and the conversation, as a Community Exhibition Partner. We’ll have high-quality, beautifully designed posters (for inside installation) and large-scale banners (for outside installation) that highlight the faces in our community and the self-portrait artwork in the exhibit. Let us know where you are and how much space you have and we provide all the materials you need to participate – and we’ll promote your location in our exhibition related marketing materials and exhibition map. The exhibit runs from January 24 through March 29, 2019. Please sign up early (but no later than November 15) so we can plan accordingly.

Donate Supplies

We are in need of frames in all sizes and art supplies including but not limited to: acrylic paint, tempera paint, watercolor, paint brushes, crayons, paper, glue stick, yarn, canvas and more! We’ll include your company name and logo in the “In-kind” sponsors list on all online project related pages including Exhibition, Opening Reception, and Call for Art.

Sponsor the Project

Donations are welcome at all levels. Everyone who donates will be listed by name or company on all online project related pages including Exhibition, Opening Reception, and Call for Art. Those who donate over $1000 will have their logo included on all exhibition related materials, both online and print. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.


This project is a community project and we welcome community volunteers! We could use help setting up and cleaning up workshops, posting call for art materials online and on community bulletin boards, hanging the exhibit, and with recruiting friends – businesses and people – to take part. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Aneleise Ruggles, Director of Exhibitions, at