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Box Office/Gallery Hours:

Mon-Fri: 12-5pm as well as during performances and special events


Mosesian Center for the Arts Main Phone Number: 617-923-0100

Mosesian Center Box Office: 617-923-8487


For General Inquiries please email



Staff Contacts






Roberta Miller

Executive Director

617-923-0100 x8301

Rebecca Margolis

Director of Operations & Marketing

617-923-0100 x302

Matt Jatkola

Creative Services Manager

617-923-0100 x8307

Alison Roberts

Finance Manager

617-923-0100 x8303

Aneleise Ruggles

Director of Exhibitions

617-923-0100 x8321

Bridget Hanson Healy

Assistant Director of Exhibitions

617-923-0100 x8321

Arts Education




Allison Honea

WCT Education Co-Director

617-923-0100 x8331

Sarah Winters

Registration & Student Services Manager

617-923-0100 x8330

Deidre Purcell

WCT Production Stage Manager

617-923-0100 x8332

Kevin Williams

Education Coordinator

617-923-0100 x8309

Harris Rosenblum

Education Studio Manager

617-923-0100 x8320

Productions & Facilities




Sean Dooley

Director of Theater Operations & Facilities

617-923-0100 x8306

Sarah Linstrom

Facilities & Production Coordinator

617-923-0100 x8308