Mosesian Arts is open during Arsenal on the Charles construction, but traffic, parking, and walkways are affected. Please read getting here for more information.

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Rent Artist Space

Rent Artist Space

Rent Artist Space


Starting in the fall of 2022, artists will be able to rent time in the “Blue Studio” at Mosesian Arts. The studio is a large space equipped with a small printing press and four six-foot sturdy tables. There is also a large wall to hang work and step back. Renting artists will be able to store some materials and will be assigned a flat file for paper storage. The studio is ideal for printmakers working with relief (woodcut, linoleum cut) and some intaglio techniques such as dry point, collagraph plates, and monotype. It is not equipped for etching and aquatint.

The studio is a great fit for artists working in mixed media and painting who need large tables and a wall. The studio is available on Fridays for 8 hours a day from 10:00 AM–6:00 PM. The studio will be shared by no more than 3 artists. Some materials will be provided: printmaking inks, rollers, a variety of plexiglass plates, cleaning supplies and newsprint. For artists wishing to use the press there will be a tutorial scheduled once they register.

The studio can be rented for one month (4 Fridays) or for 3 consecutive months (12 Fridays). In the fall, rental will start September 9–December 2.

One-month rental fee is $200.
Three months rental fee is $500.
*Artists renting for 3 consecutive months save $100!

Email for scheduling or more information.