December 31 - December 31, 1969
Charles Mosesian Theater
Mosesian Arts Live Presents New Perspectives

New Perspectives is a groundbreaking multidisciplinary classical music concert that promises to redefine the boundaries of artistic expression.

In today's fast-paced and often individualistic world, it can indeed be challenging to truly step into someone else's shoes. It's a valuable reminder to approach each interaction with an open heart and a willingness to consider different perspectives.

Featuring the mesmerizing Eureka String Quartet and clarinetist Milos Bjelica, visionary painter Suvad. H, talented dancer Marija Draskic Brancazio and acrobat Nikolina Lazetic, New Perspectives will weave together the threads of music, visual art, and movement to create a sensory experience like no other, where audience and the artists will experience the pieces of art from different perspectives.

The quintet plays timeless classical compositions by Beethoven and Mozart, while the painter will translate the music's emotion and rhythm onto canvas in real-time. The dancer and acrobat, in harmonious synchrony, will add a kinetic dimension, infusing the performance with dynamic energy.

This convergence of talent and artistry promises to provide a new lens through which to appreciate the power of creativity and collaboration.


Tickets to this General Admission event are pay-what-you-can on a sliding scale, with three price options. Please choose the price that is right for you. All ticket proceeds support the performers and more diverse programming at the Mosesian Center for the Arts. All seating is open, and your choice of ticket type does not correspond to a specific seat or section. To reserve accessible seating, or if you are bringing a large group, please contact the Box Office at or 617-923-0100.

Standard Admission $40

Budget Friendly $25

Benefactor $55

Prices listed above include all fees.

EBT Card to Culture tickets are available for this performance.

Concert Program

The Eureka String Quartet

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