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December 31 - December 31, 1969
Thomas A. Pannesi Lobby (1st Floor)

Writers Reading, and Songwriters Singing. Join us in the newly renovated MCA Lobby for a holiday edition of Earfull!

October 26’s FearFULL got NorEaster'd. Boo! So we're redoing that show in a different season. Our holiday celebration, CHearFULL, features everything you love about Earfull—music, stories, food, drink, and your lovely hosts: Tim Huggins & Jen Trynin.

This event will take place in MCA's newly renovated lobby!

About Earfull

Since the early 2000’s, Boston musician and author Jen Trynin, and bookstore connoisseur Tim Huggins, have been hosting the Earfull Series, bringing together the worlds of writers and musicians. They prove that, given the right environment, Book People will love the experience of live music, and Rock People will realize how cool it is to hear great authors reading their work aloud.

About the Artists

Joanna Rakoff

Joanna Rakoff photo by Mark Ostow

Photo by Mark Ostow

Joanna Rakoff is the author of the bestselling novel A Fortunate Age, winner of the Goldberg Prize for Fiction, and the international bestselling memoir, My Salinger Year, which was released as a feature film starring Sigourney Weaver and Margaret Qualley earlier this year and is currently streaming on all platforms. Rakoff’s books have been translated into twenty languages and nominated for major prizes in The Netherlands and France. She has written frequently for The New York Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, O: The Oprah Magazine, and many other publications.

Laura Zigman

Laura Zigma photo by Adrianne Mathiowetz

Photo by Adrianne Mathiowetz

Laura Zigman is the author of five novels, including Separation Anxiety (optioned by Julianne Nicholson and production company Wiip for a limited television series); Animal Husbandry (made into the movie Someone Like You, starring Hugh Jackman and Ashley Judd), Dating Big Bird, Her, and Piece of Work. She has ghostwritten/collaborated on several non-fiction books, including Eddie Izzard's New York Times bestseller, Believe Me; been a contributor to the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post; and was the recipient of a Yaddo residency.

Margaret Garrett & Friends

Margaret Garrett and Friends photo

Margaret Garrett (Mr. Airplane Man) and Gregg Porter (The Concerns) play loose, droney musings in a subtle ethereal zone. Their sound can be described as taking a warm bubble bath of tremolo and reverb beneath the trees as the sun goes down. There may or may not be nymphs and fairies playing along as you sink into the textures of sound.


Martin, Morell, and Fredette

Martin, Morell, and Fredette

Martin, Morell and Fredette are a trio composed of Boston music veterans Eric Martin, Steve Morell and David Fredette. Their resumes include membership in The Neats, The Delfuegos, The Titanics, The Oysters, The Upper Crust and The Illyrians. MMF play a mixture of original and classic covers of Rock, Pop, Rhythm and Blues.


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