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Art in a Silent City: Mount Auburn 2022 Artists-in-Residence

Art in a Silent City: Mount Auburn 2022 Artists-in-Residence

Art in a Silent City: Mount Auburn 2022 Artists-in-Residence

In 2014, Mount Auburn became the first cemetery in the United States to establish an artist residency program. The program supports the creation of new work by a contemporary artists inspired by their own in-depth experience at the Cemetery. The resident artists are charged with creating works for visitors that convey a fresh and innovative perspective of Mount Auburn. Since 2021, smaller one-year residencies were awarded to a cohort of local artists to work on projects at Mount Auburn.

Exhibiting artists and artwork:
Mount Auburn Statuary: A New Way of Seeing by Madge Evers, Visual Artist & Thierry Borcy, Photographer
The Oak Cycle by Ira Klein, musician
Memorializing Nature by Simone Nemes by Simone Nemes, Mutli-disciplinary artist
Mourning Benches by Jill Slosburg-Ackerman, sculptor and wood carver
Dance of Arrival by Liz Walker, ballet dancer and choreographer
Seeing Mount Auburn with a Different Eye by John M. Williams, visual artist

The exhibition runs from March 24–May 5, 2023.

Opening Reception: March 30, 5:30–7:30 PM.

Join the artists for a virtual panel discussion before the exhibition opens: March 22, 6:00 PM | RSVP

Featured artwork image: John M. Williams, Spring

Read more about the 2022 artists here.

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This exhibition is in the Watertown Savings Bank gallery on our second floor. Please take some time to also visit the Printmaking and Social Engagement exhibition in our first floor galleries.


March 24 - May 05, 2023
Watertown Saving Bank Gallery (2nd Floor)