SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Michael J. Denneen Legacy Fund Supports Earfull at the MCA – Double Your Donation Through December 17th!


As many members of the MCA community know, last year we lost our beloved MCA Board President, Mike Denneen. Central to Mike’s life was his belief that the arts illuminate and elevate human experience in an essential way – that the arts are not a privilege, but a necessity. He was committed to keeping art alive in his own life, as well as in the lives of those around him. Soon after his passing, his brother, Mark Denneen, joined with the MCA to create the Michael J. Denneen (MJD) Legacy Fund to ensure that Mike’s passion for the arts lives on in our community. 


Back in 2001, Mike helped create Earfull -- an arts series combining writers reading, and songwriters singing, in an intimate setting. After a few years’ hiatus, he brought the old Earfull team back together, and in 2016, began hosting an Earfull revival at the MCA, one of Mike’s passion projects while serving on the Board. With the Fall 2019 Earfull season upon us, we are excited to announce the launch of a special initiative of the MJD Legacy Fund to support Earfull at the MCA. Donations to this fund will help to keep this popular event going: bringing exciting writers and musicians to our stage, providing high-quality service and production, as well as keeping our ticket prices low. And to make this effort even more powerful, Mark Denneen and his husband, Anthony Coyle, have joined with two additional generous donors to pledge to match your donation, dollar for dollar, up to $15,000 through December 17th. 


We hope you’ll join us in honoring Mike’s memory by donating to the MJD Legacy Fund in support of Earfull at the MCA. Every contributor will be listed in a special section of this year's Earfull program. Please take advantage of this opportunity to double the impact of your gift -- every dollar you’re able to give will do twice the good for Earfull. With your help, we can make our goal of $30,000! 


Donate Today!