Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

A community program in association with WCT’s production of The Laramie Project
In Partnership with Greater Boston PFLAG


Join Tracy McKay and Emma Henson from Greater Boston PFLAG for this educational program designed to support parents, caregivers, educators and other adults who want to learn how to best support LGBTQ+ youth in their families, classrooms and lives.  There is also a segment focused on issues that arise within The Laramie Project to help adults support youth who will be watching the production.



The Laramie Project is a production about how a community was impacted by the attack and death of a young gay man, Matthew Shepard in 1998. WCT is offering community programs in association with our production to help our community to continue to build our support of LGBTQ+ individuals within WCT, MCA and the greater surrounding community.


This program was made possible by the Dinah Lane Theatre Arts Fund.

June 13 - August 31, 2021