CYC Level 2 - Core Seminars Online Section A - Lighting

Like a Cyclorama (or Cyc) curtain enclosing a stage to create a background, WCT’s CYC Backstage program serves as the basis for all technical/production work at WCT. CYC students have the opportunity to explore all aspects of technical and production based theatre. Active CYC students receive priority consideration for serving as crew members for season productions, work alongside professional designers, and receive opportunities (based on skill level) to design showcases and student productions throughout the year. 

Section A Lighting Design

Tuesdays 4:15 - 5:30 pm

9/22, 9/29, 10/6, 10/13

In order to allow our Core CYC participants to continue building skills in their chosen areas while we are offering programming online, we have created CYC Level 2 - Core Seminars. 

Core seminars will serve as the equivalent of the CYC Level 2 - Core Apprentice program for students to complete goals for their own learning as a part of WCT’s CYC Backstage program. Training with professionals in these areas provides students with the skills to confidently contribute to a production process. 

Successful completion of the Core program through Apprenticeships, Seminars, or a combination of the two  provides students with the opportunity to lead a technical or production process for a WCT showcase, festival or other production opportunities as members of the CYC Company. Core members are encouraged to explore several areas before choosing a focus and applying to the CYC Company program. Completion of CYC 1 (or exemption*) and meeting grade level requirements (Grades 8-12) are both required for participation in this class. 

M/$85 NM/$100

*Note: CYC Company Members may audit seminars to further their knowledge. Contact for details. 

(Gr 8-12)
Tuesdays 04:15 pm - 05:30 pm
September 22 - October 13, 2020
M/$85.00 | NM/$100.00

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