Playmakers Online Term A
Teaching artist Kevin Williams

WCT’s PlayMakers get the exciting opportunity to create their own short works of theatre! Guided by teaching artist and MCA Education Coordinator Kevin Williams, young playwright/performers experience the journey of a play from idea to performance as they draft scripts, create characters, design sets, and more in this fast-paced online class.  Each class session provides fresh explorations while an overarching story will be created during each term.


Kevin Williams is a Theatre Teaching Artist having worked around Boston through organizations such as Watertown Children's Theatre, Central Square Theater, and the Boch Center to provide in-school residencies, after-school programming, and now online content. His primary love is the creation of original or adapted work from all sides of the theatrical process otherwise known as playmaking. Kevin brings to this class his background in not only musical theatre and improvisational performance both on stage and some film work but also his experiences in teaching, directing, playwriting, and other various aspects of behind the scenes production skills. So let's gather our ensemble and see what we can create together!


Term A

Mondays and Fridays 4:00-5:00 PM

3/30, 4/3, 4/5, 4/10 

$100 per term

(Gr 3-7)
Monday, Friday 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm
March 30 - April 10, 2020
M/$100.00 | NM/$100.00

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