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Watertown Children's Theatre

Watertown Children's Theatre

Watertown Children's Theatre





What is WCT’s relationship with the Mosesian Center for the Arts?

WCT and the Mosesian Center for the Arts are a single arts organization with a variety of programs including visual arts, performing arts, music, visiting artists, and much more. This gives us an opportunity to interact with many other people engaged in the business of making or enjoying art. Sometimes there will be a performance going on in one of the theaters while we are having rehearsal. We want to be respectful of the other users of the building by talking quietly when outside our own room, particularly in the front entrance lobby, hallways, and directly outside the theatre doors.


What age groups do you serve?

WCT has programming for students in Kindergarten – 12th grade. Adults may also take private voice lessons.


How can I audition for a show?

Our shows are cast from the pool of participants who register for the program; we do not hold entrance auditions. If a child is registered in the program, that child WILL be in the show. We hold individual auditions after the program is enrolled in order for the artistic staff to determine the best casting for each child in consideration of the production as a whole.


The exception to this policy is our high school musical each year. For this Black Box musical production, students will be asked to prepare an audition and will audition in order to gain entrance to the production. A registration form is still required, but tuition will not be processed unless the student in cast in the production.


When will my child rehearse?

Rehearsals are scheduled for different times on each week for any show:

  • Musicals: Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
  • Junior Players: Mondays
  • Black Box: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Page to Stage/Stay and Play: Saturdays
  • Classes and Workshops: TBA


Participants should expect that some weeks they may be called for rehearsal on all rehearsal days, some weeks less than that. In addition, it is often the case that participants will be called to attend rehearsal for only part of the rehearsal time on a given day. It is WCT’s goal to keep students active and engaged throughout the process. We schedule actors only for scenes/songs that they are actively a part of in order to keep each student feeling productive and involved during his/her time in rehearsal.


Can I watch my child’s class/rehearsal?

We ask that parents not attend classes with their children, as all classes are participatory and observation by non-participants can be inhibiting. WCT makes reasonable accommodation for all children; however, parental assistance may be required in some medical and/or behavioral situations, at the discretion of program staff. For our Stay and Play program, a parent or other adult is expected to stay and participate in the program.


What preparation is expected for WCT classes/rehearsals?

We expect children to arrive on time, dressed in clothing and shoes that are safe and practical for movement activities. For most programs, a pencil and a bottle of water will be useful to have for each rehearsal. If any special items are needed for class, the instructor or show staff will inform the parents in advance. Dates for line/song memorization are sent home in advance, but students should start memorizing early! In addition, as no snacks are allowed during our rehearsal times except during production week, we ask that your child eat before or after rehearsals and not plan to eat during rehearsal time.


What if I miss a class/rehearsal?

It is expected that students take their commitment seriously. We ask that students be absent only in cases of emergency or illness, and that parents contact program staff if a child is unable to attend a class or rehearsal due to an unavoidable conflict. Excessive absences may result in dismissal from any program.


Should I bring my child if he/she is sick?

If your child has any of the symptoms below, we ask that you inform us, and keep them home from rehearsal until the symptoms subside or they are cleared by a doctor. Symptoms include cough, runny nose, fever greater than 101 F, chills, aching muscles. Most children with mild flu symptoms do not need to visit their doctor, but we feel it is prudent to keep your child out of rehearsal if they are experiencing these symptoms, especially if there is a fever.


Although our absence policy allows only 2 excused absences, any changes to a child’s role due to additional or prolonged absences due to illness will be addressed on a case by case basis. Should children arrive for rehearsals/classes presenting with flu-like symptoms, parents will be contacted immediately to pick up their child.


Will a class/rehearsal ever be cancelled?

Due to the challenges of New England weather, there may be a time when a session is cancelled due to snow or ice. If this is the case, an email will be sent to all participants in advance regarding the status of the class or rehearsal. Messages will also be place on the homepage of our website and on the Announcements line at WCT (617-926-ARTS ext 6). NOTE: WCT does not follow the public school closing system, so please contact us to find out about the status of a class or rehearsal, even if your school is closed.


What if I leave something behind at class/rehearsal?

WCT has a lost and found that is kept in the WCT Drama Space. Always check for any missing items there. At the end of the program, please check the box for any personal items - unclaimed items are donated to charity after each quarter’s programming has ended.


What is the Bulletin Board?

The Bulletin Board is a one-stop online location for production information. On this page, the rehearsal schedules, notices, and forms for the cast will be posted in downloadable PDF format, so that parents can access any of these forms and documents without having to request extra copies from the staff. If your child misses a rehearsal, this is also a place to look for any missed information that may have gone home. A password is required to access the Bulletin Board, and will be provided to parents at the beginning of each program.


Why am I on a waitlist for Voice Lessons?

WCT's Voice Lesson Policy allows students to keep their assigned slots as long as they continue to register in consecutive terms. As a result, new slots only become available at the transition between terms when/if any ongoing students decide not to continue.* People who are interested in having voice lessons with WCT are kept on a 'waitlist' to be notified as spaces become available.

*continuing student status does not extend to new students registering for summer session.


Where does our registration fee go?

To pay for costumes, props, lights, show royalties, and staff salaries. The Mosesian Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization, largely run by a volunteer board, and puts any money raised directly back into the programming.


Why are parents asked to volunteer for a committee?

In order to keep our registration fees as low as possible, and therefore accessible to all children, we require volunteer help on our major productions to supplement the work of the hard-working board and staff. Over many years we have found it a wonderful way to include parents in one of their children’s activities and to build a strong WCT community.


How do I purchase tickets for a WCT production?

The first way to order tickets is through pre-sale. These tickets sell at the same price as public ticket sales (including a small online purchase fee), but are guaranteed as long as you order before public sales begin. Each cast member is allotted a certain number of presale tickets for each show. Once pre-sale has ended, public sales will be opened, and additional tickets can be purchased online or by phone through Brown Paper Tickets. For more information, visit our Shows page.


How do I make out my checks for registration?

Checks should be made out to Mosesian Center for the Arts.


What is your Tax ID?

The Dorothy and Charles Mosesian Center for the Arts is a registered 501c3 and our Federal Tax ID is 04-3430963