Rent Our Facility

MainStage Theater
Stage Dimensions –
Proscenium Opening Height: 18’
Proscenium Opening Width: 36 ’
Primary Stage (depth from apron): 25’
Primary Stage (left to right): 40’
Wing Space: 12’L/R
Curved Thrust: (depth from center to proscenium) 16’
Stage Floor: Masonite over a sprung stage
Traps: Upstage Center 8’ x 8’
Downstage Center 4’ x 8’ (no orchestra pit)
Control Booth: Third Floor
Seating: With Thrust in Place: 340
Without Thrust: 384
Amenities: Theatrical sound and lighting package available


Black Box Theater

Black Box Dimensions: 34’7” X 36’ – square
Black Box Floor: ¼” masonite over a sprung floor
Control Booth: Theatrical lighting and sound equipment package available
Audience Capacity: Up to 100 seats available depending on desired seating arrangement. Seating capacities differ for non-theatrical events.
Amenities: Theatrical lighting and sound equipment available. (additional rental fees may apply)


Rehearsal Hall 
Dimensions: 25’x 38’ – rectangle
Capacity: 50-75 comfortably
Flooring: Rosco, MDF Sprung Dance floor


Mezzanine Classroom 
Dimensions: 32′ x 16′
Capacity: 20-35 comfortably
Amenities: Access to tables, chairs, and sink