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Join us on Thursday, June 7, 2018 from 5:30 to 7:30pm for our You Are Here Exhibition Opening Reception Celebration. Artists will be on hand to answers questions, we’ll have free munchies, and the MBar will be serving drinks. Test your geography skills on opening night for a chance to win tickets to Flat Earth’s Theatre “The Nether” an immersive online wonderland where anything is possible…


From the twinkling skyline of New York City to the storybook tranquility of mountainside villages "You Are Here" features landscapes and cityscapes from around the world. Visitors will embark on a globetrotting journey with the help of a large-scale interactive map highlighting all destinations depicted in the works on display.


Exhibiting Artists Include:

Gregory Albertson, Annabelle Ambrose, Jean Aserkoff, Paul Beckingham, Eddie Bruckner, Janet Buck, Anita Helen Cohen, Aimee Cozza, Cindy Cuba Clements, Malcolm Montague Davis, Jaimee Dunham, Angela Fiori, Melissa Glick, Stephen Godlieb, Betsy Gould, Maria Green, Katherine Hurxthal, Susan Jones, Zeina Skaff Kahhale, Judith Kamm, Jamie Kaplowitz, Carole Katz, Ilana Krepchin, Maria Lindberg, Tisha Mark, Diana Martocchia, Monica McAlpine, Karen McFeaters, Amy McGregor-Radin, Marcus Payzant, Mark Peterson, Kristin Petrillo, Michelle Poirier,Kim Radochia, Etta Rosen, Lois Rosenbloom, Missy Shay, Carole Slattery, Doris Smith, Andrew Stearns, Wendy Steckler, Karen Strangfeld, Ellen Stutman, Kimberly Tolleson, Anh Tran, Miranda Vitello, Naomi Wilsey, Carol Wintle, Laura Wooten