Art & Soul - Art Inspired by Music

On view March 22 through May 18, 2018 during regular business hours and during evening and weekend theater events. Opening reception March 23, 6:00 to 8:00pm (free and open to the public).


Coinciding with our Annual Mosesian Award Gala honoring Rock ‘n Roll historian, acclaimed author and prolific storyteller Peter Guralnick, the Art & Soul exhibition features professional and emerging contemporary art, as well as fan art, that is inspired by, pays tribute to or otherwise celebrates musicians, bands and music culture. The exhibit includes visual art in all mediums - including a room dedicated to Elvis in honor of Peter's "Last Train to Memphis" and "Careless Love" books - as well as handmade instruments, and period album art. The opening reception will feature a DJ spinning hits from the musicians and bands that inspired artwork featured in the show, free munchies and a 21+ cash bar.


Exhibiting Artists Include:

Zaneta Antosik, Jean Aserkoff, Phil Beedham, Janet Reynolds Bemis, Cat Bennett, Cathleen Bradley, Adam Campbell, Kelly Davidson, Christina de Guzman Jones, Sara Dickman, David English, Demetri Espinosa, Tania Estevez, Anita Feld, Nancy Gallagher, Mary Galli, Jimi Giannatti, Woody Giessmann, Stephen Godlieb, Gail Hansen, Eve Hartman, Paul Howell, Grace Julian Murthy, Benjy Kantor, Molly Kantor, Deborah Kaup, Alexandra Kittle, Frank Koran, Paul Larson, James Macdonald, Johnny MacLeod, Diana Martocchia, Sarina Mitchel, Michelle Poirier, Preys Ups, Kelsey Quick, Dawn Scaltreto, Molly Scannell, Rebecca Skinner, Kathi Tighe, Kimberly Thompson, William Turner, Michael Wagner, Meghan Walsh, Susu Wing, Harry Yu


Image Credit:

Lada Gaga - Zaneta Antosik

Richards - Michael Wagner

Janet Jackson - Alexandra Kittle